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Internship -  Energy Analyst

Are you looking for an internship ? 

Are your passionate about economics and green infrastructure (mostly energy) ?

Check us out

Check us out

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  • Visit the page where we present the team and the network

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  • Visit the page where we present the projects we delivered for our clients

  • Check out the articles we wrote. They relate to our areas of expertise. All team members contribute

The Position



  • PIA is an Infrastructure Advisory firm with a strong focus on water, renewables and networks in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa. Our expertise is understanding the finance, economics and regulatory nexus of energy infrastructure projects.

  • As a young and fast-growing company involved in a broad range of projects, PIA relies on bright and ambitious individuals to contribute importantly to projects, operations and knowledge building.

  • As an analyst, you will benefit from close guidance from PIA’s senior advisors and will be trusted with the autonomous execution of meaningful work.



  • Project responsibilities: Your role will vary depending on the ongoing projects. Typical tasks for analysts at PIA include document reviews, creating operational and financial models, report writing on topics related to the economic and financial aspects of renewables, preparing client presentations, and reviewing project contracts.

  • Knowledge building: You also may be required to conduct research and write about current topics of interest in the energy, water and carbon neutrality sectors, as well as review recent reports, data, and publications.

  • Supporting operations: You will play a crucial role in supporting PIA's growth as a start-up by creating marketing content, presentations and assisting in the recruitment process.


What you will gain

  • Valuable first-hand experience in significant projects related to the energy and utility sector development.

  • You will have the opportunity to learn from accomplished experts.

  • You will be entrusted with the ownership over your work, enabling you to make a tangible impact.


Skills required

  • The internship calls for strong analytical and problem solving skills and the ability to work independently under the guidance and support of PIA team members. 

  • Your work will require you to seek solutions independently, and its high impact nature offers unparalleled opportunities for the development of your professional skills and career. 

  • A demonstrated interest in energy, decarbonisation infrastructure, data and/or finance 

  • Proficiency in both French and English at a working level is required.

  • Engineering degree or master's in preparation is preferred.


PIA mission and values

PIA is a purpose driven company. The raison d'être (Purpose) of the company is to develop quality expertise to support its clients in the development of infrastructure that respects the environment and contributes to human progress.

Our Values

  • Trust

  • Impact driven

  • Autonomy



  • Remuneration available

  • Duration of internship is adaptable (2 to 6 months)

  • We're based in Paris 75013

The Position
What we are looking for

We look for candidates who 

Are Competent

We are experts in finance, economics, and regulatory affairs applied to water, renewables and networks. We like to learn and share our knowledge


You’re a great fit for us if you can demonstrate excellent technical and analytical abilities, and if you’re willing to share your knowledge and learn new skills.

Are Collaborative

We are supporting our clients achieve the greatest endeavors. These require great teams.


You're a great fit for us if you are willing to work with others to solve big problems and to invest in good communication with your team mates, your partners and your clients.

Take Ownership

Our experts operate in a fast paced environment. 


You’re a great fit for us if you make timely decisions, take initiatives, and go out of your way to seek help and feedback.

Are Impact Driven

We strive to bring real value to our clients. It may be timeliness, stakeholder proof solutions or deep expertise.

You're a great fit for us if you are able to put the client front and center and constantly adapt what you do to what your client needs.

Working level French and English is required

We know (and appreciate) Ecole Polytechnique, Sciences-Po Paris, Paris School of Economics, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech and Ecole des Mines de Paris

Engineering degree or Masters in preparation

We also like to get to know other schools and backgrounds


Are we a good fit for each other ?

send us your CV, a sample of a previous work you have done (an article, a report, etc.) and a couple of sentences telling us what brings you to us.

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