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PIA's first birthday - Green Hydrogen Round Table 

February 8th, 2022

To celebrate PIA's first birthday in business, Lamis Aljounaidi takes the leading experts of Hydrogen in France through a Q&A style round table session. The leading minds of this panel include: Philipe Boucly - President of France Hydrogen, Antoine Huard - Co-founder and general director at Verso Energy and Antoine Dereuddre - Chief economist for the comission of energy regulation. 

We have broken down the full round-table video in bite-size portions, based on the following key questions:

Q1) Hydrogen: the latest fad or an essential driver for the decarbonization of our economies?

Answered by: Philippe Boucly

Q2) What role will hydrogen play in European markets to achieve carbon neutrality?

Answered by: Antoine Dereuddre

Q3) Are the conditions right for developers and investors to produce these considerable amounts of H2?

Answered by: Antoine Huard

Q4) Observation: I am not aware of many large-scale power plants that are being financed with reference to the European electricity market. Will a H2 market work with Short Term or Long Term commitments? Would developers be satisfied with a market that works like the electricity market for H2?

Answered by: Antoine Dereuddre, Philippe Boucly, Antoine Huard

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