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Market Design and Regulatory

There is no set recipe for well functioning markets

Our team members have real life exposure to the challenges of market design both in Europe and in Africa. Our approach is carefully designed to effectively tackle the challenges faced by our clients, considering the specific contraints they face. 

Ampoule Filament

Market organization

We support you in designing the right mechanism; whether you aim at optimizing costs, increasing service provision, developing greener assets, or incentivizing private sector participation.

Our Approach

  • Technical, economic and financial diagnostic, including demand projections and past financial performance evaluation

  • Regulatory benchmarks

  • Stakeholder consultation

The Outcome

  • Proposed organization, including implementation roadmap, timeline, costs and monitoring and evaluation framework

  • Investment and financing incentives

  • Capacity building

Defining market structures and mechanisms with a purpose

Fixation des lignes électriques

Utilities' financial / operational performance

The right service at the right cost

In the electricity and water sectors, cost cutting is not always the right path to cost of service optimization.

Our Approach

  • We analyze the past operational and financial performance of the operator

  • We benchmark with the performance of similar operators, while accounting for the specificities of each company in the benchmark

  • We interview professionals from all departments in the company : planning, bill collection, financial officers, technical staff, etc.

The Outcome

  • We identify future development options : developing new assets, regional integration, enhancing day to day operation, developing smart systems, etc.

  • We code these into a combined financial-operational model, considering both their costs and their benefits

  • The most impactful measures are discussed with the operator and an implementation pathway is co-constructed

Calculateur d'économies d'énergie

Tariff Design

Tariffs designed to meet the challenges of the economy

Tariffs may be designed to 

  • Face higher investment needs or cash management issues in lower investment phases of the cycle.

  • Give the right incentives to operators to enhance quality of service and develop projects in line with the sector's policies.

  • Incentivize energy efficiency or limit peak power demand.

  • Enhance access to water and electricity for lower income households.

  • Enable the development of job creating industries.

When assisting you in designing the right tariffs to meet your challenges, we leverage

  • regulatory benchmarks and stakeholder consultations

  • financial theory (CAPM model) and economic theory

  • financial modelling and economic forecasts

Poignée de main

Contracting of public services

Contracting public service provision to the private sector is a tricky exercice :

  • How to select the right contract for the service : Concessions, management contracts or operation and maintenance ?

  • How to define the perimeter of the private sector participation ?

We advise you on

  • risk allocation considering technical specificities of the service, investment needs, market appetite and contracting capacities.

  • the definition of service fees and associated incentives.

  • quality indicators considering existing and planned metering systems.

  • data reporting

  • monitoring and evaluation frameworks.

Contract types,  quality indicators, M&E frameworks

They trust our team members

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