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Projects, a Developer's Story

The timely support you need to close a bankable project

Our team members supported both public and private entities through the development of 50 infrastructure projects, half of which reached financial close. We work with developers, investors and bankers, supporting both project development up to financial close and different stages of due diligence

réunion d'affaires

We assess demand for the services you consider proposing :

  • Demand projections based on macroeconomic projections

  • In-depth assessment -including interviews- of demand for the wholesale market / eligible off-takers


We assess affordability of your services : 

  • Your financial viability tariff

  • Total costs of alternatives

  • Off-takers' capacity to pay


We assess the framework in which the project integrates​

  • Project stakeholders

  • Rules, permitting and authorizations

  • Subsidies and incentives

  • Technical constraints


We identify risks and opportunities and propose mitigation measures.​

Market Assessment

Understanding opportunities and risks 

Government Building Columns

Discussions with public authorities

Authorizations and contracts

We have a good understanding of public authorities thanks to a long history of collaboration

We help you make the case for your project using data and arguments meaningful for your public counterparts.

Partnership strategy

We assess market players and help you define the appropriate risk sharing between partners.

We support you tender for the services (Construction, O&M, etc.) or conduct direct consultations.

Back-to-back contracts

Our team members drafted, negotiated and reviewed a large number of contracts. 

Our specialty : ensuring the coherence of technical clauses throughout the set of contracts and applicable rules.

A l'intérieur d'affaires

Financial optimization of project design


How to use available technology and market rules to generate the highest return : higher revenue or lower costs

Financial modelling

Whether you want to evaluate financials of your off-taker or get a highly detailed financial model for your project.

Our value added : combining financial and technical knowledge to build a reflective model, allowing you to test design options or evaluate the effect of technical constraints

Financial due diligence

Is the model reflective  of contractual clauses and technical specificities ? are market rules well taken into account ? Are tax assumptions aligned with existing incentives ?

Presentation to lenders

Project info-memo and support during lenders' due diligence

They trust our team members

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