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Projects, a Public Sector Story

Maximize economic welfare, from project design to implementation

Our team members supported both public and private entities through the development of 50 infrastructure projects, half of which reached financial close. Our exposure to a diverse range of financing instruments and partners in Europe, the Middle East and Africa enables us to contribute effectively to the full value chain, from economic assessment up to contract negotiations.


Project Economics

Is the project right for the economy ?


Can we make it better ?

We put a value on societal costs and benefits, accounting for uncertainties such as climate change to help you take robust decisions.

We support your decision making process through  :

  • Project economic assessment; or

  • Multicriteria analysis

We also help you maximize societal welfare through economic optimization of project design

It is not always easy to give a monetary value to societal costs and benefits :

How can we value flood protection ?

What is the actual societal benefit of increased access to electricity ?

What about enhanced quality of service ?

What is the actual impact of changes to the environment ?

Stoney River


How to get the funds needed to build the project ?

Our team members helped public entities finance projects through a diverse range of instruments :

  • Bond emissions

  • Export finance

  • Development finance

  • Public Private Partnerships with and without DFI guarantees

  • Utilities' corporate finance

Our approach

  1. Understanding the project :

    • tariffs and their affordability

    • demand for the project services

    • buyers' capacity to off-take and pay

  2. Packaging project components to facilitate financing through the most appropriate instrument

  3. Financing 

    • financing stage financial model

    • project presentation to lenders and other financiers

    • support through the financiers' due diligence

chantier de construction

Select the most appropriate partner

  • Select the right level of risk to transfer to the private sector

  • Identify partners and evaluate them

  • Promote your project to suitable partners

  • Get the required parliamentary approvals

  • Lead a successful tender

Get an implementable set of contracts

Our team members successfully drafted and finalized : concession and financing contracts, PPAs, Connection and transmission agreements, EPC with financing, and Operation and maintenance contracts.

We collaborate with leading law firms to provide you with :

  • contracts taylor-made to the specificities of your project and your market needs. 

  • contracts that work from the legal, technical and financial perspectives. 

  • support through tariff negotiations.   

Tendering and contracting

They trust our team members

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